Fire Investigation

PLI offers fire investigation almost anywhere in the world for both building and vehicle.

Our services are offered in  stages to suit the customer.

From small to large fires, PLI can offer initial advice, an overview and a detailed examination.


The difference with PLI is that we can also offer advice on control measures before or after a fire incident has occurred.  We provide you with a detailed report giving recommendations based on legislative requirements, codes of practice and our experience in fire safety and prevention.

Stage 1

Is a viewing of pictures to give an opinion which will enable the client to make a qualified decision on whether or not to proceed to engage a fire investigator, either from us or from another qualified investigator.

Stage 2

A full investigation and detailed report with findings is produced.  This can be tailored to meet the clients needs.

In Ireland

For a fixed fee the fire damaged vehicle can be removed from the incident location  and taken to one of our secure storage locations. Here, the vehicle will be photographed, following a strict policy procedure, to record the external views and various internal pictures.  A minimum of 16 pictures will be recorded.

We have available 8 strategically positioned secure storage facilities nationwide, all are Approved Treatment Facilities (ATF).

The pictures will be sent electronically to the instructing party and, if you have agreed in the initial application, also to PLI for a Stage 1 overview and response. This response is for insurance purposes and should enable the next course of action to be undertaken. This can be by appointing an assessor, or requesting further information, etc.

The storage fees are included in the  fee and our partner, Salvage Services, will provide whatever assistance that may be required by the client company.

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Fire Safety & Investigation Consultants