Fire Safety & Risk Assessments


Take some Good Fire Safety (PREVENTION) + Early detection & call + Effective Rapid Intervention = Property Damage reduced + Lives Saved + Business & Homes Saved + Insurance costs down.

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It cannot be under estimated what devastation and cost follows a fire. Accidental fires do happen as do fires which are set deliberately for many reasons, trying to destroy evidence, fraud or at worst fires set to cause death or serious injury to people. Fire Safety if undertaken properly can prevent fires but if they happen then the effects can be minimised. Training of staff is also important, if people don’t understand the reasoning behind fire safety then safety features will be abused and the risk will increase.

Wrong extinguisher and poor training
Wrong extinguisher and poor training

Fire prevention, building design and equipment, fire extinguishers, fire detection, fire alarm and staff training are all ingredients to keeping people and businesses safe. Only play lip service to them and the results can be catastrophic. Fire Risk Assessments are not a simple tick box A4 sheet, they are to examine hazard and risk, follow guides and codes of practice and yes can be undertaken by lay people but in many cases it may need that little extra where someone has qulaifications and/or experience.

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