Fire Safety Distance Learning

Means of escape is for the whole route not just to the door.

Have you ever wanted to improve your fire safety knowledge?

If yes then maybe this programme is for you.  It requires between 80 to 100 hours of work going through assignments that start from basic fire knowledge through to means of escape, detection systems, automatic protection systems and policy and procedures.

It covers:

Chemistry of fire, UK Codes, Means of Escape, Automatic Fire Detection, Automatic extinguishing systems, fire and smoke behaviour, fire spread, human behaviour, dealing with less abled persons, fire risk assessments, record keeping, duties of fire wardens and others, basic investigation, etc.

Final exit available?

The cost of the programme is spread over 6 months.

Ongoing assessment on each assignment leads to the issue of a certificate and your work is evidence.


Interested?  Then make contact with us: