Vehicle Fire Investigation Training

2018 Fire Investigation Courses

May 15th 16th 2018 – Ireland (3 places available as three delegates have moved to the September course)

September 18th 19th – Ireland


To develop the skills needed to investigate vehicles involved in fire incidents. This course will be of particular interest to Police Officers of the Collision/Accident Investigation Department, Counter Terrorism Officers (car bomb incidents), Vehicle Examiners, Forensic Science Officers, Fire Officers, SOCO’s, Vehicle Inspectors and Insurance Investigators.


With fire loses rising there is a need to reduce arson which, especially in motor vehicles, is used to destroy evidence following criminal activities including insurance fraud. That is what the criminal believes, but great steps have been taken to recover finger prints and DNA from fire scenes. Fire investigation is not and never has been easy, but Park Lodge International Ltd. has now made this much more feasible.

Nimbus at Work
Nimbus at Work

Pictures of the course ran in Nenagh September 2016

Good afternoon.
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for what was a most enjoyable two day course.
The course was fantastically delivered with an excellent balance of theory and all important practical exercises to get the old grey matter playing mental twister. The sharing of your teams immense knowledge and the encouragement to get stuck in and investigate on the practical exercises was so refreshing.
I will approach investigations with a newfound enthusiasm going forward and will certainly be recommending the course to field based colleagues


Trevor Lee, VW Group Ireland

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